Welcome to Cell Gen Therapeutics, LLC! 
"We believe that lasers have a tremendous and, as of yet, untapped potential in the field of healthcare." - Laser Therapy Clinical Practice and Scientific Background, 2002, Jan Turner, Lars Hode

Welcome to Cell Gen Therapeutics, LLC!  We are a Dallas, TX based manufacturer of the HD Laser, a high energy therapeutic laser.  If you are interested in visiting our HD Laser Clinic for treatment please call 972-818-3700, or visit HDLaser.com.

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Using a patented proprietary wavelength, the HD Laser can effectively treat deep tissue pain associated with pulled muscles, arthritis, back pain, sports injuries, and many other ailments.  This technology is much more advanced than the previous "cold laser".  The HD Laser is the most powerful therapeutic laser in the nation.

The HD Laser is available for sale or lease to physician offices.  If you are interested in licensing information, please call us at 972-835-1400.
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